Where are you based?

AT.TITUDE is founded and based in Singapore


Can I customise an order?

Yes, you can, subject to availability & a 10% surcharge imposed. For customisation, do send your request via our email & we will get in touch with you for a discussion.

What features do the masks have?

✨Masks are lined in Silk Blend ✨Each mask comes with a Matching Pouch ✨Elastic Strings come with Adjustable Loop Locks ✨Mask are made with Washable Fabric with Filter Pocket ✨*PM 2.5 carbon filters are available for purchase separately in packs of 10 *We recommend to change the PM 2.5 carbon filter after 5 uses. To place your filter into the mask, slot it into the inner lining of the mask

Will my mask fit me? Do you have different sizing?

All masks have adjustable loop locks and should work for different face sizes!

What is the size/measurements of the masks?

All adult masks are 9″ across and 5.9″ vertical!

Can I include a personalised message/card with my order?

Yes, we can include a gift card and handwritten messages upon request.

How do I care for my masks?

✨For hygiene purposes, please hand wash mask before use.
✨Rub the mask lining gently under cool running water, with mild soap.
✨For lace & sequin masks, be extra careful & gentle when rubbing the delicate surface fabric. Do NOT soak it in water or with other garments.
✨When washing red-lined masks for the first time, the red might run a little, but will eventually stop. It will not stain the skin.
✨Please also change the PM 2.5 carbon filter after every 5 wears. To place your filter into the mask, slot it into the inner lining of the mask.

Shipping & Delivery

How long will it take for my items to be delivered?

When stocks are available: ~within 1 week When restocking: ~2-3 weeks We appreciate your patience!

Do you ship overseas?

Unfortunately, we do NOT do overseas shipping at the moment. We are looking to do so in the future, so stay tuned!

I don't want to wait 1-2 weeks for my mask. Can I collect my mask in person?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we refrain from having any face-to-face collection of masks. However, if you do need the mask urgently, you may put in a request or email us at and we will see what can be arranged!

Exchange & Refunds

Can my purchase be exhanged or refunded?

We do not do refunds. We do exchanges for incorrect or defected items. Please kindly refer to our EXCHANGES & REFUNDS Policy for more information.